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Nationally Recognized Securities Litigators Found BFTA

August 4, 2014
On August 4, 2014, Javier Bleichmar, Joseph A. Fonti, Stephen W. Tountas and Dominic J. Auld announced the formation of their litigation boutique Bleichmar Fonti Tountas & Auld LLP, as reported in national news publications including The New York Law Journal and Law360.  Each of BFTA’s founding partners were previously partners of Labaton Sucharow LLP and associates of Bernstein Litowitz Berger & Grossmann LLP, and have worked together for over a dozen years. 
Javier Bleichmar explained that “we founded BFTA to provide our clients with a full-service litigation boutique, focusing on financial services litigation.  Many of our clients are no longer only in need of securities class actions.”  Dominic J. Auld echoed those sentiments, stating that “our decision to strike out on our own came about organically, as we were right around the sweet spot to break off and do our own thing.  At Labaton, we continued to hone our talents, and we were given the opportunity to grow and prosecute some major actions.  This move is an effort to ensure its integrity, and to lift up our practice group and drop it into its own structure.”
Similarly, Joseph A. Fonti touted BFTA’s ability to be a “nimble and efficient law firm” and a “very efficient and results-driven practice.”  Likewise, Stephen W. Tountas observed that “none of our historic results would have been possible without our team of exceptionally talented attorneys and professional staff, many of whom have joined us at BFTA.  Our long-term senior associates Cynthia Hanawalt and Bill Meeks were our very first hires, preserving the continuity and high-caliber representation that our clients demand from us.”