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BFA Observes Juneteenth

June 15, 2020
As is being widely recognized and celebrated, this Friday, June 19, is the 155th anniversary of Juneteenth, the day the Emancipation Proclamation was finally put into full effect with the freeing of slaves in Texas over two months after the close of the Civil War.  Though over a century and half has past, so much more is needed for true equality and dignity to be achieved.
In recognition of the tumultuous and historic moment that we are living through in our country’s history, BFA will be observing Juneteenth this year.  While we typically only observe holidays in which the stock market is closed, this year the state of the country, and indeed the world, is unprecedented.  Very deep seeded wounds, long ignored, have resurfaced.  Questions, old and new, about national and individual identity, responsibility, morality, and human dignity confront us all, and Juneteenth is a moment for reflection, not only about the past, but the path forward.
Each of us may observe in our own way.  That observation can range from finding some time in our day to stop and reflect on the long history of injustices, to taking the day off to participate in commemorating this day and the moment in history through which we are living.
Whatever your circumstance, BFA encourages all attorneys and staff to reflect on the recent events that, though extremely disturbing, have impelled action, and to engage with our ability to contribute to a better future for all.