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BFA Continuing Investigation into Anti-Competitive Conduct Surrounding Inductors

January 31, 2018
BFA currently represents Dependable Component Supply Corp., a direct purchaser of inductors, in a class action lawsuit alleging cartel activity by foreign manufacturers of inductors.  The lawsuit alleges that defendants, leading Japanese manufacturers of inductors such as Murata, Taiyo Yuden and Panasonic Corp., fixed the prices of inductors higher than they would otherwise have been from at least 2003 through the present. If proven, entities who purchased inductors directly from the defendants may have overpaid for inductors for over a decade.

Inductors are electronic components that, along with other components like conductors and resistors, work to regulate and store energy in a circuit.  Inductors are found in thousands of products that rely on electronic circuits for power, such as computers, cars, and televisions.  Despite changing economic conditions beginning in 2003, including a major economic recession, lowered demand for inductors, and increased manufacturing capacity, the price for inductors remained consistently high.  

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) is actively investigating potential collusion in this market as well.  Prior DOJ investigations into capacitors, a product akin to inductors, have already led to seven companies pleading guilty of conspiracy.

BFA was the first firm to file an action alleging this fraud, and seeks to represent a class of those who purchased inductors directly from the defendant manufacturers.  

The Firm has extensive experience litigating antitrust matters such as this, currently representing the Cities of Palo Alto and Richmond, California in a similar action related to the price-fixing of lithium ion batteries.

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