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Subscribers of NFL Sunday Ticket Win Favorable Ruling

August 21, 2019
A new court decision may affect the rights of small businesses who have paid for NFL Sunday Ticket. Since 1994, a subscription to the NFL Sunday Ticket has been the only way for out-of-town fans to watch their favorite NFL teams play. For home use, the basic subscription costs $293.94 per season or $48.99 if the subscriber pays monthly. However, for businesses—such as restaurants, bars, and hotels—the subscription cost is significantly higher—anywhere from $2,300 to $120,000 per year. Plaintiffs, subscribers of NFL Sunday Ticket, have brought a class action complaint contending that if individual teams were able to negotiate the broadcast rights to their own games, there would be more competition in the marketplace and the cost of such broadcasts would be lower. In a recent opinion, the Ninth Circuit overturned the trial court’s dismissal of the case and has allowed plaintiffs to continue pursuing their antitrust claims against DirecTV and the NFL.

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